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Happy New Year 2016

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NYE card

With all the time differences in different part of the world, and I bet now Australia is having such a good time – I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2016!

Let’s have some fun this year, get things done and have fun while doing it.

Let’s learn from our mistakes, regrets and not-so-great-experiences from 2015, to make the best of 2016.


Sending you my best wishes, and cheers for 2016!





To Resolution or Not

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NY resolution quote

Hey friends,

It has been awhile since we last chat!  And can you just believe that it is December!  We are literally at the end of the year!  I believe you’d agree with me that the time is just going faster and faster each year.

How has your year been so far?  Do you write New Years resolutions?


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Talking about Breaking through!

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Hia all!!

How are you all?   All those in Toronto and around,,  have you been LOVING the weather??!  hahaha..  go out, get more Sun, don’t forget to use Sunscreen though.. ;]


Anyways, I haven’t been writing a lot lately..  but there is something that has been in my mind for awhile now..  Basically, God has been reminding me about Discipline.  Big word, huh?  ;]

My church here, IFGF GISI Toronto (, set the theme for this year to be the Year of Breakthrough!  Breakthrough in all aspects of our life;  job/career, relationship, health, finances, etc.   In times, people are facing challenges, issues, problems that are sometimes so heavy, big, and they don’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon.  I’d like to think of it like a BIG, THICK brick wall.

Imagine, you’re just walking through this street, the only way that will take you to your destination, and all of a sudden there’s this BIG, THICK wall in your way.  What do you need to do?

You need to break/destroy that wall, don’t you think?    Now, when the wall is BIG and THICK, how many hits do you think you need to make?  One?  a couple?  ten hits?    I bet you definitely need more than just one hit!

Then, that is when Discipline comes.  You need to keep hitting that wall,, hit it, hit it and hit it again, until the wall breaks allowing you to go through!   you need the Discipline to push your self to keep hitting that wall again and again.  You may call it Perseverance too, but I think to persevere in something you still need the Discipline.   Discipline is the force to keep you going, keeping you from not being lazy, keeping in order, to result in a trained skill.

Now, you may say; “Ohh no, I’m not a very discipline person, I can’t do this, that, and bla bla bla..”    but hear this; “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline!” (2 Timothy 1:7)

The seed of discipline is in us already, we only need to practice it, exercise it then we will become better and better at it!

So, my dearest friends, whatever hardships you are facing right now, keep hitting that wall, keep pushing it and pushing it until you break through it!   I pray for you all, that you will find that seed of Self-Discipline in you, and let God gives you the strength to exercise that self-discipline until you BREAK THROUGH!




“You hit a wall, you push through it!” – Captain Haddock from the Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn.






Think yourself as ordinary people? Think again!

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I found this great article by Rick Warren in the Daily Devotional subscription.. Hope it’ll be a blessing for all of you.. :]


“[God’s] intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known …” (Ephesians 3:10 NIV)

You and I were made for a great adventure — it’s why we like movies. Movies have a story to them, an adventure to follow through. It’s also why we like shows like “Star Trek.” We want to “boldly go where no man has gone before.”

That’s no accident. God made us to long for adventure — his adventure. God calls all believers to join him in a rescue mission, “to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10) and complete the Great Commission. It’s a rescue mission patterned after Christmas itself. God invaded the earth 2,000 years ago. It’s how the mission started. Jesus came to Earth to “seek and save the lost.”

Not only has God created us for this mission; he also wants us to go on the adventure together. God’s agent for completing his mission is the Church. Churches start churches. The Bible says, “[God’s] intent was that through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known …” (Ephesians 3:10). God has chosen the Church — not governments or businesses — to be his agent to complete the mission.

These are great days to be alive. We’re living in a generation when the Great Commission can be completed in our lifetime. When Jesus gave the Great Commission, it was physically impossible for his disciples to complete. In those days, when Jesus said to go into all the earth, there were only two ways to go anywhere: on foot or a donkey.

Today we have dozens of kinds of transportation. We also have the Internet. You can talk to someone in a faraway tribe and still be sitting in your pajamas at home. It’s never been more possible to see the Great Commission completed.

Of all the people in the world, you’re reading this devotional. Why? God wants to use you. Think you’re too ordinary? You are the one God wants to use.

Every church in the world has been started by average, everyday people like you and me. Our generation can complete what God started on the first Christmas. Being a part of that would be the greatest privilege of our lives.

If God created you for a mission, why would you think you are too ordinary to fulfill it?

Why worry?

- Heart, Soul, Spirit

He, who created you and wrote your name in His palm, will never forget you nor forsake you..

He, who created you and called you for a special purpose, will guide you and equip you..

He, who created you and made you His child, has promised you a future of hope and not of evil..

He, who created you, has also died for you..

But why did He create us in the first place?  Because He wanted us to be the subject of His love..

Imagine the things that you will do for someone you love, He will do it 1000000000^100000000 times more..

So.. Why worry?  ;]



After all, it’s our decision..

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Hey all!   How’s everyone doing?  I hope you all are having an awesome time! :]

So I just finished my devotion time and God reminded me about my lovely coworkers in BNCC..    BNCC is a day care center where I used to work for a little more than a year..  There, I met very very lovely and sweet people, and actually became really great friends or family with some of them..   You know, we worked together in the same room for months, taking care about other people’s kids, talking about their parents (sshhh!  Don’t tell anyone! xP) and so many other things (and obviously, including our problems)..

As these ladies are older than me, so we talked a lot about life, movies/celebrities, beauty stuff, politics, religions, relationship (or to be exact, THEY give ME loads of relationship advice! :P)  and etc.   So these people are very close to my heart, and I love them dearly!

Now, people – everywhere – have their own problems/challenges they have to face..  Including my lovely coworkers in BNCC..  And tonight, I just remember them, I remember the things that they’ve told me, about their life, their problems, their challenges..

And tonight, the reading from my devotional book says that God is speaking to us, constantly.  However, it is OUR DECISION to listen to Him or not..

in 1 Samuel 3 :1-10, it took God a few times to call Samuel until he finally realized it and listened.
Do you realized that God has been calling you all this time?   Have you open up your ears, eyes, and heart to Him?    How much longer should He wait until you stop ignoring Him? 

As I remember my lovely coworkers in BNCC, I also remember that some of them haven’t open up their ears, eyes and heart to God yet..

But I pray tonight for my lovely coworkers in BNCC and also for you, that in the midst of your problems, in your quiet time, you would open up your heart to God..   Listen to Him, to what He has to say..  about how much He loves you, cares for you, and how much He wants you to be close to Him..  Listen to Him, that He has the solution to your problems, the answer to your question, the cure to your disease, the hope to your situation.

and I pray tonight, as you open up your heart, you may experience the abundance of God’s never-ending, unconditional, love..

Let us all open up our ears and heart, and enjoy the fullness of His love..



What a FUN day!

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Yeppp,, it’s been a loooong and fun day..  What did I do?  Guess!

Nope! Try again!


Nope! come on if you know me, u know this..


(This is me having a conversation with my self! HAHHA! )

Anyways, today was a really long and tiring day!  Basically what I did was; with my mom, we were re-organizing (and cleaning) things in the washroom and garage..  The garage was a MESS!   There’s been quite a lot of stuff happening that basically we just keep putting stuff in the garage which turned it to be a storage, messy storage to be exact!  and the washroom has a wall of shelves which was also messy ..  yepp,, all were just messy, unorganized and messy (wait, I mentioned it already! xP )

So knowing that I would stay here until February (Did I ever mention that I’m home, in Jakarta with my parents?), I decided to just help my mom re-organizing things around the house.. And we started today with my washroom and the garage..   Anyways, I’m not gonna bore you with the details but all in all, I had a really goood day..   yeahh,, for some reason I really enjoy organizing things, I’m weird that way.. HAHAH!  (or maybe I should just be a professional home organizations coach ? hahaha.. )

And actually, my fave part of it is when I discover old stuff.. like things that bring a lot of memories back, or just plain old/vintage stuff..   Like what I found today was packs of old small floppy disk (diskette) ..

and I also found my dad’s super old, huge NOKIA cellphone..  I don’t have the picture of it but it was HUGE! like a big walkie-talkie..

Anyways,, it was a good day.. it’s tiring but it was a really great day..

Wonder what we’re gonna do tomorrow.. hmmmm~~


My my my..

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Ohh my..  again, Im abandoning my blog.. hahaha.. I might be a bad mom! 😛

I cant believe that it’s already the 2nd week of August, which means August is almost over, then will come September, when Sept ends, then will come October, November, December, and **BAM!!** here comes the year 2012.. scary??  time does fly eh?

Every time I think about how fast time flies, it really scares me and also makes me think about soo many things.  the main 2 things are: Priority and attitude.  When you realize how precious time is, you (at least me) want to make sure that you are doing things that are very very important..  You might not want to spend your time just in front of your computer, playing games, randomly surfing the internet, youTube-ing, or blogging (which is exactly what Im doing now! >.<  )!  but you know what I mean, you really prioritize things, and use your time wisely.

Also your attitude, or I should say, your heart’s attitude (because what is in the heart translates outwards)..  Some people are just so negative, their heart is full of anger, envy, pessimism and other negative things.  We need to learn to have a heart that is always thankful.  I know it is hard to always be positive or thankful all the time, especially in our tough times.

One thing that I learn recently, is when you fill your heart with negative things, they will bring you down even more.  But when you choose to focus on the positive side of things, be hopeful and thankful, there is this extra inner strength that just arise from within.  And that strength, will help you to keep fighting and move forward.

Now, when you know that time is precious, and there is turning back, would you rather spend it with negative attitude or positive?  I would choose positive one..

“Time has no refund or exchange policy” – Aurora

Use your time wisely!   Until then, stay positive :]

Much love,