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The Covet List – May 2016

- Beauty, Fashion, Make up

I know my birthday has passed, it’s not even nearly time for Christmas..  But I have a few things that I have been thinking about and coveting for sometime now..  One item is new, and the others have existed for awhile.   One item is way too much money and requires me to win a lottery to actually get it, the others are still somewhat possible for me to purchase.  I am not sure exactly why I’m writing this post, but I think it’s somewhat fun..  Or maybe it’s to hint my dearest husband.. *hahaha*

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Prom Night: 1 Make Up Look, 3 Outfits..

- Beauty, Fashion, YouTube

Hello beautiful friends,

Ohhh.. It has been a really long time since I went to my Highschool prom – it was such a special night for me.  Anyways, I do not know how many of you will be graduating this year.  May it be graduating middle school, high school, or college – it’s such an exciting time to be able finish and move on to the next chapter of your life.

Today, I would like to share with you a makeup look and 3 outfit options, I would wear any of these dresses if I were to go a prom/graduation formal again.

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Be Fall-bulous: a Fall/Winter 2014 series

- Beauty, Fashion

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having an amazing day so far!


Now that the weather is really getting colder, I was thinking to start a series of posts for the Fall/Winter season, beauty and maybe a little bit of fashion? I would share some of my fave/top-picks for lippies, nailpolishes, skincare, etc for the cold seasons.

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Outfit Post: Comfy over-sized Flannel shirt

- Fashion

Hey all!!

This post is supppeerr late!  but better than late than never (hear that excuse! xP)

Anyways, sooo.. after maybe around 7 years, I got back in touch with a sweet friend of mine, Shin.  I met her back in HighSchool and we were in the same class for few courses that we took.  So one day, we were just chatting and found that we have the same hobby/passion, which is Fashion, and shopping! hahaha..  She was telling me how she loves to experiment with different outfits to create different looks. Oh my, I feel like, I just found a match! haha..  She also has a fashion blog where she posts different outfits inspired by food!  oh did I mention that she works full time too?  Isn’t she amazing?!  You can check her blog out at:

Anyways, so we decided to meet up to hang out (and go shopping), and to take some pictures for her blog.  And she just inspired me to do this blog post too!  .

So this is the outfit that I wore on our shopping date with Shin, and her lovely sister/Photographer, Ying.

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Meet my new toys..

- Fashion

So, me and my brother went to the mall earlier today, just to get some fresh air since he’s been staying inside (in front of his computer, to be exact) for days!  I always wonder how he could do that..  I need to go out everyday, I need fresh air, I need to go to the mall (hear that excuses?  xP )

Anyways, we went to the mall and since our favorite shop is Forever 21, so there we went.  By this time of the year, all of the stores have started putting up their Spring/Summer collections (despite the yucky weather here in Toronto.. ).  A lot of colors!  I can’t wait for Spring/Summer, I miss wearing bright colors!

So at Forever 21, I spotted a few super adorable jewelry.. and as I told you, I have been in this retro/vintage vibe lately..  never really tried that style before, so as a start I picked these retro-vintage-looking earrings & rings..

The top ones are rings, and bottom ones are earrings..  I actually have a couple of bow rings before, they are super adorable and add extra cuteness to your outfit.

These seem to be pretty well-made, the metals are strong and sturdy, except for the bow ring.  I looovvve these bow rings, but the glue between the bow and the circle-ring part comes off very easily..  But don’t worry, just get one of those industrial glue/super glue, and they can be easily glued back together! :]  and the price range for these ones is roughly $3-$5..

So, there you are, I hope you enjoyed reading this post!  Please leave a comment and let me know how you like this kind of post! :]

Stay warm, loves!