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If you have been watching beauty videos on YouTube for a long time, then ItsJudyTime will sound very familiar to you.  Judy has recently collaborated with PIXI to launch two palettes, eyeshadow palette and lipstick palette.  I believe it was at the beginning of January when she announced this collaboration, the products were officially launched in January 15 – therefore now, you might’ve spotted them at your local Target.  If warm eyeshadow colors are your jam, you may not want to miss this palette.

I personally prefer neutral tones eyeshadows to the ones that are too warm or too cool – I feel like the neutral shades just suit my skin tone better.  But when I saw this palette in person, there are some colors that really caught my eyes.  The lipstick palette, on the other hand, comes with shades that I don’t usually go for – they will for sure look much better on those who have medium-to-deeper skin tones – hence, I pass on the lip palette.  
Retailing at $24 at Target, the eye palette comes with 12 warm shades, ranging from light to dark colors.  At a quick glance, the eyeshadow colors also seem to best suit someone who has warm, medium-deep skin tones.  For someone who has a very fair skin tone like myself, I wish the palette came with a lighter highlight color.  The lightest shade in the palette, Snowflake, is a bit too dark on my very light skin tone.  Also, I wish it came with a more neutral mid-tone brown, for transitional color, as the shade Honey Bear and Itsmommys Life are a bit too warm for my personal liking.  However, the pan size is slightly bigger than a MAC Cosmetics single pan, so you are getting a nice amount of product.  The shadows kick up quite a bit of fall out, so make sure just tap off your brush really well before going onto the eyes – or you can also work on your eyes first.  All the colors show up well on the eyes and they all blend beautifully!  My fave shades from this palette are: Snowflake, Getaway, Ping and Dark Chocolate.


Overall, I think it’s worth the value of the price.  If you really enjoy very warm eyeshadow colors, you will really enjoy this palette.


I created a warm brown smokey eye look using this palette, you can check it out here:



What do you guys think about this palette?  Will you pick one up for yourself?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Thank you so much for dropping by, I hope you enjoy this post.  I’ll talk to you soon!






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