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Hello friends!  How is everyone doing?  I hope you all been well..  If you follow me on my Instagram, then you would have seen my little announcement.

That my baby girl is here!!  I gave birth last Thursday, March 2, 2017 – I will talk more about my labor story and about my new sweet little bun in a different post.  The reason I’m saying it, is because I am supposed to upload this post and video last week, but since I just went through a hard labor on Thursday, I thought I would take the week off and upload this post when I’m physically ready.. 😉

Anyways, today’s post is another in depth review and demo on the new IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact with SPF 50+ Skin Transforming Full Coverage Solid Serum Foundation – I know, literally longest name of all!  If you guys have been with me for a long time, you would know that their Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream, is my absolute fave foundation product for everyday – it has amazing coverage, last really well through out the day, has great skin care benefits PLUS a high physical sunscreen of SPF 50 in it!  there is no other product that has even come close to how much I love this CC Cream and I have recommended this product to so many of my friends, and they all love it!  So, when I heard about this new Solid Serum Foundation, I was very excited and set a high standard.



It claims to:

– deliver skincare benefits: hydration & anti-aging

– give a full coverage and flawless finish

– reduce the look of pores and lines

– improve the look of firmness

– feel weightless on the skin


Does it really deliver it claims?  Check out the video for demo and review:


Foundation Overview:


$38 – ULTA & ITcosmetics website


Light [I am also in the shade Light in their Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream]


I have tried using both beauty sponge and brush – and unfortunately, the formula is just rather difficult to blend.  It’s not as smooth of an application as their Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream.  I also find that it’s particularly harder to blend on top of a mattifying, pore-smoothing primer, hence I am just using my usual Smashbox Photofinish primer.


It has more of a medium coverage [instead of a full coverage as it claims] on my skin [as I have hyper pigmentation and acne-scarring] – which I don’t really mind for everyday use.


It has a slight glowy finish.  It has a bit of stickiness to it when it’s just applied, hence I definitely highly recommend to powder/set this foundation.


It does not last very long during the day.  I find on the 5th hour mark, I started to notice the product gets patchy and disappearing on my face.  One thing to note, is that my skin is generally normal, and at the mean time, we are still in the middle of Winter.  However, I find this foundation does get oily throughout the day, especially on my nose area.  So I would not recommend this product if you have oily skin.

Final thoughts:


– It has skin care, anti-aging benefits

– It has high physical sunscreen of SPF 50+

– Packaging is convenient for on-the-go


– It’s hard to blend

– It does not last a long time

– It gets oily, even on my normal skin.


Unfortunately, all things considered, I am not a huge fan of this foundation.  If you have dry skin, this foundation might work better for you.  If you have oily skin, I don’t think you would enjoy this foundation very much as it doesn’t blend very well on top of a mattifying primer and it does get oily through out the day.  But honestly, I would rather recommend you to try the Your Skin But Better CC+ cream, if you haven’t already, especially if you have normal or dry skin.


Thank you so much for dropping by!  I hope you find this review somewhat useful.  Have a great day!


Until next time,


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