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Hello friends, today I’d like to share with you some of the new drugstore products that I’ve gotten and tried.  Most of the products are from Walmart and 1 product from ULTA.  Go get yourself some snacks and drink, and I hope you’d enjoy the video and post 🙂






Catrice | Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick

I was curios to try this primer, because it reminds me of the Estee Edit Pore-vanishing stick.  I want to see whether they are comparible, or an exact dupe.  However, I find that they are quite different.  This Catrice stick leaves a tacky feel and does pull a bit as you apply it on to the skin.  It doesn’t do a good job in blurring my large pores and lines, however, it helps with the longevity of my foundation.  This Catrice stick also smells a bit weird, like a chemical/rubber scent.  All in all, I still prefer my Estee Edit one as it applies very smooth and blurs out my large pores really well.

Wet N Wild | Photofocus Mega Cushion Color Corrector

These were the main reason that I went into Walmart that day.  Ever since I was pregnant, I have been dealing with a lot more redness on the sides of my nose and my purple dark circles are no news to you.  So I picked up the green and peach color corrector to see if they’re any good.  Now, I find these are more brightening, instead of correcting.  Their color look pigmented on the tub, but as you apply them on the face they become more white-ish, instead of showing their green/peach color.  Hence, they did not do an amazing job to color correct.  The formula is awesome though, very light and easy to blend.  There are 2 other colors; yellow and lavender.  If you don’t have a severe discoloration on your face, you might like them – but if you want a potent color correction, unfortunately they won’t do the job for you.


Rimmel | Insta Fix & Matte Translucent Powder

One thing that you would notice as you open this packaging is the scent!  This powder has such a strong soap/perfume scent – it does not linger for too long, but you can definitely smell it as you apply this powder on your face – something to watch out for, if you are sensitive to fragrances.  However, this product is pretty nice – not super duper amazing, but it’s a decent powder.  I sets my makeup really well and leaves more of satin, instead of a complete flat, matte finish on my face.  One thing to point out though, is the color – obviously it looks super white on the pan and even though it says ‘translucent’, honestly I’m not sure how it will translate on deeper skin tones.  Now, I don’t have very oily skin [and it’s still in the middle of Winter here] – so I can’t really comment on how well it keeps my makeup matte through out the day, or how well it is as blotting powder if your skin gets very oily.  But from my testing period, I did use it to blot a little bit, and it didn’t cake up my makeup.


Maybelline | Single Eyeshadow ‘Nude Glow’

Maybelline has a whole new display for their eyeshadow.  I am not sure what happened to other colors, but from what I see, all the shades are new.  I do not like how this eyeshadow apply. As you saw it on the video, it’s very hard to apply, it’s patchy and the pigment just would not stick.  However, it surprised my that at the end of the day, the eyeshadow was still there – and it didn’t wear off weird, or got more patchy.  I am actually very curious to try other shades, to see if they are any better or they’re just a total pass.


Wet N Wild | Photofocus Lash Primer & Proline Felt Tip Eyeliner ‘Black’

These 2 products; I love the eyeliner and I don’t care about the lash primer.  The eyeliner is so good, it gives a very intense matte black and the tip makes it easy to draw a thin line.  The lash primer, is not as great.  I feel like the brush is too space out that it does not grab/coat my lashes.  Ever since, I tried the black eyeliner, I have also bought the dark brown one – they are so good!


Flower Beauty | Flower Pot Powder Blush ‘Peach Primrose’

This would be my very first time trying anything from Flower Beauty, and I must say, it leaves me a really good first impression.  The products on the line are definitely on the more expensive side – but trying out this blush, really makes me want to try other products from her line.  This blush is so pretty, the flower design is pretty, the color is beautiful [obviously I would fall for anything peach-tones], it blends easily and stays on the cheeks really well.


Hard Candy | Glamoflauge Mix In Drop ‘Radiant’

When I saw this product on the display, I immediately reminded me of the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops.  I have never tried the CoverFX one, for I am not a liquid highlighter kinda-gal for the most part – but I thought since the Hard Candy one is more affordable, I just thought I might try it.  My oh my, how I did not enjoy this product at all.  As you could see on the video, you need to give this bottle a really good shake, I mean like shake it for 1000x – and not just for the first time, but every single time you want to use it, you gotta shake it 1000x – so time consuming and not practical!  Then, the formula itself has a dry-oil kind of feel and consistency, which I am not a fan of.  As I apply it on the skin, it does not sit on my skin well either.  The color has a slight pink tint to it, not too much – and the finish is very very glowy and wet, without shimmers or glitters.  But for me, this product is a total pass.


Hard Candy | Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color ‘Forget Me Not’

Another product by Hard Candy that I do not like.  The formula is very drying on the lips and the color shows up lighter on my lips than what it seems on the packaging.  I do like the applicator, it makes it really easy to get a precise application.


So that is all the drugstore products that I’ve tried recently, some are good, some are a total pass for me.  Thank you so much for dropping by, I hope you enjoy this vide and find it useful.


Let me know what new drugstore products that you’ve tried recently, I would love hear from you guys!


Again, thanks for dropping by!





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