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Hello guys, today I’m back with another drugstore haul + first impressions + lots of chitchat/update after baby Zoey’s born..  This time, I have a ton of Make Up Revolution products, they came out with a bunch of new products that oh-that-looks-like-*some other brand*-product..  did you get me?.. No?  they basically trying to dupe other higher end products.. you’ll see..




M.U.R.  |  Triple Baked Highlighter ‘Goddess of Faith’

If you enjoy a super glowy, blinding, you-can-see-it-from-the-moon kind of highlighter, you will really enjoy this one.  It has glitter or shimmers, but it’s extremely bright.  There are 2 other shades, but this one suits my skin tone best.  It is not the creamiest, softest formula, but it’s not bad.  Also, if you have texture issue on your skin, this might accentuate them.

M.U.R.  |  Triple Baked Blusher ‘Peachy Pink Kisses’

I’m not a huge fan of this product.  It’s marketed as a blush, and my skin is really fair – and as you can see on the swatches, it looks very light and glowy.  The color doesn’t really show up on my skin, and it emphasizes my large pores.  I think this would be great as a blush topper, but again if you have texture/pores issue, this will make them look more prominent.  Anywho, don’t they remind you of the Too Faced Sweetheart blushes?


M.U.R.  |  Matte Blush ‘Beloved’  & Ultra Bronze

I’m pretty sure that these 2 products are not new, but I’m just very curios to try them, and I love them!  The bronzer shade is really nice neutral tone bronzer that suits my skin tone.  The blush gives my cheeks a nice flush and really brighten my make up look.  Their formula is also great, nicely pigmented, blendable and stays on the whole day!


M.U.R  |  Lip Amplification Lip Gloss ‘Epic Love’ & Renaissance Lipstick ‘Awaken’

I’m really enjoying these 2 lippies.  They both are nicely pigmented and apply very nicely on my lips.  They are not the most long-lasting lip products, their formula is just like a traditional lipstick that you need to re-apply throughout the day.


M.U.R.  |  Aqua Seal Eye Primer

This product has a cool concept, it’s supposed to be a primer and a sealant for your eyeshadow to intensify the colors and make them last the whole day.  Too bad, it didn’t work like what it claims to do.  It’s an OK primer, however I do have very oily lids, most primers just don’t work very well for me.  It does not work as a sealant.  As you can see on the video, when I apply it on top of my eyeshadows, it took away some of the pigment away.  Not my fave.

M.U. R.  |  Luxury Powder ‘Banana’

I was quite nervous of how yellow this powder is when I first saw it.  I was afraid that it might show up too yellow and just look weird on the undereye area.  However, after using it a few times, it’s actually quite a nice powder – it doesn’t show up yellow [on my skin tone..] and it sets my undereye concealer really nicely.

M.U.R.  |  Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray

As you may know, I don’t have a particularly oily skin – hence, I can’t really test on how well this product control oiliness.  I was more interested to see if this spray will help to prolong the wear of my makeup, I find that it didn’t really do so.  I find that my makeup just wear the same way and for the same amount of time with or without this spray.  Also, I don’t like the scent of this spray – so for me, this is a pass.


M.U.R.  |  Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade Palette

When I first saw this palette, I immediately reminded of the Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye palette, even the name is too similar.  Then, I went into Youtube and surely I found lots of videos that talk about how this palette is a great dupe for the Kat Von D one.  So without hesitation, I decided to get one for myself.  Now, I don’t have the Kat Von D palette, but many of the beauty gurus in the videos mentioned that the formula is amazing and very comparable to the Kat Von D one.  I have ZERO complain about this palette.  I love the colors, I love their formula, very pigmented and blendable and they also stay on the whole day [on top of a primer of course, because this girl has seriously oily lids..] – they don’t finger swatch really well, but when applied on the eyes, they are awesome!


Essence  |  The Smokey Eye Pencil ‘Espress-Oh!’

I have been slowly getting into trying out Essence makeup, and so far I’ve been pretty impressed on the quality of the products on such affordable price.  However, this product disappoints me.  The color is nice, it’s a deep dark brown, it applies really creamy and nicely on the eye without skipping or tugging.  However, it does not stay on the eyes, even though it claims to be long wearing and waterproof.  It also comes in a traditional pencil form, which means you have to sharpen it.  All in all, I’m not impressed with this one.

Catrice  |  Camouflage Cream ‘Wake Up Effect’

I am getting really close to finishing up my beloved Tarte CC Underage corrector.  So I have been on the hunt for a good, affordable alternative from the drugstore.  This Catrice one, is more of a pink corrector instead of a peach tone.  I find that it has a similar tone as the Tarte one, which is great for correcting and also brightening the undereye areas.  It’s not the creamier formula, and I do find that it creases and settles into my fine lines the more I use it.  I know in the video I mentioned that it didn’t crease, however, as I use it a few more times, it does crease.  If you don’t have fine lines, I think this product will work for you


That’s everything from me today, I hope you enjoy the video & post.  Let me know what your fave product is from Make Up Revolution, would love to hear from you guys! 🙂


Thank you for dropping by!  I’ll talk to you soon, X



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