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In my last blog post, I mentioned that I started to get into the 10-step Korean skin care system because my skin was so dry.  I have also purchased some new Korean/Japanese skin care products to replace the ones that I ran out of or could not use during my pregnancy.  Ever since I started implementing the regime, I have definitely noticed that my skin was getting better; it’s hydrated, plump, bouncy and glowy!  So for those who want to have healthy, youthful skin, this post is for you.. 🙂

The Korean skin care routine consist of 10 steps that work like a building block, each step helps to prepare your skin for the next coming step/product.  If you want to read more on it, you can check out my previous post.  Now, I still don’t follow it to a T, however, I use it more as an inspiration but improvise it to what works for my skin and my schedule.  I have been sticking to this routine for around 6 months now, and definitely have seen the difference!  So here is my routine:





Products mentioned:


Thank you so much for watching!  Let me know if you have any product recommendations to achieve that plump youthful skin!


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