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I feel like it has been quite awhile since I share with you things that I have been loving currently.  So, since it’s a new month, I figured it would be the perfect timing to do just that!

Well, since having Zoey, the newest addition to our family, my routine has been changed – and it’s still changing everyday..  Hence, when it comes to makeup, I need things that are no-fuss, quick and easy!   The NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder foundation is definitely one!  I have had this product for awhile, but only been using it religiously ever since Zoey was born.  The weather was getting warmer and I just need something that I can apply quickly without having to sit there to pour the product out, wet my beauty blender, dab dab dab for 10 minutes, etc.  All I need is a few swipes and I’m literally done with my foundation in 15-20 sec.  It gives a nice light-medium coverage, it stays well on my face even without a primer, and it also wears nicely throughout the day, it doesn’t get patchy or cakey!

This MAC eyeshadow is also a fuss-free product for me.  As you can see, Mulch is a beautiful mid-tone rustic brown color, which is a great shade for everyday 1-color eye makeup look.  MAC’s eyeshadow formula is also great, it has great pigmentation and blendibility, making it a swipe-and-go application process super quick.

Another staple product in my everyday makeup routine is this Essence Pure Nude highlighter.  I feel like I’ve mentioned about this product a few times in the past.  It gives such a beautiful, subtle glow to the face and it’s only $5 – MIC DROP!

Since it’s been officially a full-blown Summer, we have been spending most of our afternoons outside.  Either to bike or walk around the neighbourhood, or to play at the playground, we are staying under the afternoon Sun A LOT!  Having said that, I need an extra protection for my face – So I have been busting out my Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30.  I love that it comes in a spray bottle, so I can just easily pump a few sprits on my face before I head outside.  Now, this is a chemical sunscreen, not a physical one.  While I prefer physical sunscreen to chemical one, but it’s still better to have some kind of a protection than nothing at all.  If you want to learn more about physical vs chemical sunscreen, check out my previous post here.

Next item is a shirt from Target that I think makes a great nursing tops.  If you are a mom who breastfeeds her baby, you know that choosing an outfit could be tricky.  You know that you need a top that will make breastfeeding, especially breastfeeding when you’re out and about, quick, easy and for me, it’s also important that it will still cover everything properly.  Merona Softest Scoop Tee is soft, very stretch and flowy AND it’s so affordable – it makes such an amazing nursing top!  What I do is I just use my nursing tank underneath, and this Merona shirt on top.  It makes breastfeeding in public so convenient – although I still use a cover, you know, just in case Zoey decides to lift my shirt up.


So what have you been loving currently?   Is there any makeup item, or skin care, or fashion, or TV show that you’re obsessed with lately?  Have you guys seen ‘This is Us’ ?  OMG, it’s so so so so GOOD!


Talk to you later,


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